A Sense of Purpose

As I sit at my desk thinking of what my first blog post should be about, I am inclined to describe how Generous Intentions came to be. An engineer by trade, I have no training or experience in running a business. So how did the thought of starting an e-commerce shop cross my mind?

Anyone who knows me would tell you that I am an animal lover and advocate. 11 years ago I became vegetarian and almost 2 years ago, vegan – all for the animals. And although I did my fair share of advocating for animals and donating to animal welfare organizations, I had this feeling that I could do more.

I love animals, there’s no doubt, but it’s more than love. As humans we possess cognitive abilities not seen in other animals, including the ability to reason. With that we have the ability to feel empathy for others, including animals, and can act according to our internal moral compass.

I believe society today doesn’t value empathy as much as it could. In our pursuit of the latest trends, lowest prices, and personal happiness, we have forgotten that it is ok to care for others. Society has masked the dreadful practices in mainstream consumerism making consumers unaware or detached with what it takes to get their food or product to them. If people were more aware of the conditions in puppy mills, they would adopt their next pet. If people understood how our wasteful practices are affecting the planet, they would shop more sustainable. If they saw the mistreatment of animals in the meat industry, they wouldn’t eat it. If they witnessed the exploitation of the workers that make their consumer products, they wouldn’t support those businesses. Or at least I’d like to think so.

In my search for a business model that aligned with my values, I came across the Fair Trade movement and the many businesses already taking part. These businesses uphold the fair trade principles that essentially provide a business model that is fair, ethical, and sustainable.  I knew immediately this was something I wanted to be a part of.

Thus, Generous Intentions grew from an urge to do more for animals to a mission of creating a kinder world for all. Where conscious consumers who have gotten past the consumerism haze can shop for products that are ethically made and support animal welfare.


Thank you for joining me on this journey. Together we will make the world a kinder place for all.


With love,

Lorena <3